Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The prehistoric snakes ate dinosaurs

The surprising image that you see on these lines is, obviously, a reconstruction, but it allows to do to us an idea of how there could be a scene that till now was lacking scientific evidences. The find of a fossil of 67 million years in the Indian Gujarat pronvicia has turned into the first test of which some prehistoric snakes, as the Sanejeh Indicus – patrolling thanks to this important find – was had by them between his diet to some dinosaurs. At least, to the smallest copies of certain species.

Rocks found in the India, with fossils of the prehistoric snake and his "victims". Credit: PLoS Biology.

The open fossils "recorded" for the posterity in several rock fragments, show the bones of a snake of approximately three meters and a half of length, as well as to the new-born baby of a saurĂ³podo, and two eggs of the same species, still without incubating. Thanks to this find, the paleontologists have managed to read a surprising scene: 67 million years ago, the snake would have got in the dinosaurs nest to devour the eggs. Nevertheless, before the banquet could happen, a landslide of grounds produced by strong rains ended up by burying the predator and his preys, which would end fossilized and turned in proof of this "gastronomic" custom of the prehistoric snakes.

The results of this showy study will see the light in the copy of this week of the magazine PLoS Biology, as there have announced National Geographic News and other means of science popularization.

Source: Snake caught attacking dinosaur (National Geographic News)

Credit top image: Ximena Erickson and Bonnie Miljour. Sculpture of Tyler Keillor.

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