Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our beautiful blue "marble"

On December 7, 1972, the crew of the Apollo 17 received the most beautiful photo of our planet from a distance of approximately 29.000 kilometers. In the snapshot he emphasizes our beautiful “blue balloon” on the black fund of the cosmos. Because of the distance to which they were of the Earth, the American astronauts were perceiving our planet with a size similar to that of a small marble, for what since then the famous image happened to be known as “the blue marble” (on these lines).

Now, 38 years after that snapshot, the NASA has published new photos of our planet that suppose an update of the ancient “Blue marble”. In particular, it has been the investigators of the Center of Spatial Flight Goddard of the NASA who, using thousands of images received by a satellite placed to 700 kilometers of the terrestrial surface, have created the photos of the Earth with the most trustworthy color received up to the date. The initiative is part of a project baptized like Blue Marble Next Generation (Blue Marble New Generation), who has made use of the characteristics of the sensor present MODIS in the satellites Aqua and Terra of the NASA. We leave you with the images, really beautiful and spectacular. Undoubtedly, they have a color much more alive than the original "marble". As always, you can click in them to see them to major resolution. Also we enclose an animation realized from the photos.

You photograph: NASA, under license Creative Commons.

Source: Earth's true colors in NASÁs blue marble images (BBC News)

Blue Marble Next Generation (NASA Earth Observatory)

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