Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I fly on Mars in 3D

Although the idea of traveling to Mars is for the time being little more than one sleep and let's not know even when it might turn finally in fact, the technology offers us little by little new ways of "visiting", although it is virtually, the surface of the red planet. Thanks to the initiative of the Briton Doug Ellison, an expert in animation in three dimensions, we have the opportunity to fly to 300 meters on the surface of Mars, and in particular on Naivety Chasma, one of the biggest cannons of Vales Marineris. Ellison has used the images in high resolution of the Martian surface taken the camerawoman HiRISE (a project of the University of Arizona) of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and has created a few impressive conference that transport us to million kilometers of our Blue Planet.

Naivety Chasma animation / Doug Ellison

This is not the only creation of Ellison that Mars takes as a protagonist to the planet. If we throw a glance to his web page, we find other animations the same way impactantes. One of them moves us straight to Columbia Hills, a series of existing hills inside the crater Gusev. We leave also the video to you. As the previous one, it is possible to enjoy the images in high definition. Good trip!

Columbia Hills, 2009 – Doug Ellison

Source: Barnstorming Mars in 3D (Discovery News)

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